Project outputs

The project will offer: 
  • Irrigation departments and farmers with action research diagnosis and action plans on several irrigation schemes;
  • Managers of irrigation schemes and irrigation departments  with tools to evaluate the socio economic situation on agricultural production and the technical and organizational situation in terms of water management
  • Departments of agriculture in CILSS region and donors with proposals for promoting small scale irrigation       
  1. Main meetings and key documents

Inception workshop 20-21 July 2009

Steering commitees



  1. Participatory Rapid Diagnosis Reports of five irrigation schemes 
  1. Assessment of the Diagnosis method (PDRA)
  1. Experts reports 
  1. National agricultural research systems 
  • Preliminary reports from INRAN in Niger 
  • Results of first participatory trials on varieties and fertilizers from INERA  in Burkina Faso
  1. Benchmarking
  1. Student reports  (they should be carefully considered  since they are students' exercices)




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